Founded in 2003, Peripheral Vision’s expert staff has extensive experience in all aspects of digital camera design including:

  • Optics design and selection
  • Sensor evaluation, test, and characterization
  • Sensor driver development
  • Low-noise analog and high-speed digital design
  • Image quality tuning and evaluation
  • Embedded system design
  • Supplier selection and management
  • Engineering project management

Our experts can help you and your experts in all aspects of camera design and development.

We have experience in many markets and applications including:

  • Mobile and consumer imaging
  • DSLR and still imaging
  • Industrial inspection
  • Medical imaging (endoscopy, dental, and laboratory equipment design)
  • Security
  • Robotics and machine vision


Peripheral Vision is based in Santa Clara, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley.  We are a stone’s throw away from many leading suppliers of digital image sensors and image processors.  Between our location and strong relationship with development partners, we can resolve issues and explore design options very quickly.

Our entire design team of experts is based in North America.  If required, we can provide next-day support anywhere in the US or Canada within hours to locations in the San Francisco Bay area.

Peripheral Vision, Inc.
2118 Walsh Ave, #220
Santa Clara, CA 95050
Main: (408) 588-1928